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Moving Office Checklist

If your planning on moving your business to a new office then congratulations, this must mean business is going well.  I expect there will be excitement within the office but also worries about how the actual move will affect your business services.  With a bit of planning and hiring the right moving company you should be able to move offices with the minimum of disruption. Here at Pickdropgo Van and Man we are fully aware of the differences between moving domestic household goods compared to moving office equipment.

Early Planning

To ensure the move goes as swiftly as possible it will be worth drafting a moving plan. The more planning you do early on will make the move go a lot more efficiently. Have a think about which staff member is best for each job.  For instance if you have an IT expert within your office, he or she should be in charge of packing and moving the computer equipment.  It would help if there was someone in charge of coordinating the move on the actual day of moving.

Things to Remember

Address change: Think about how the actual address change will affect your business. Have the changes of letter headed paper and other stationary sorted out before you move.  Box it up and label the box so when you unpack at the new office you can find all the new stationary quickly and efficiently.

Update the address on the company website.  One thing that is often overlooked is arranging to have the address of your company changed on other websites.  If you’re listed in local business directories you will need to contact these websites and ask for the address to be changed.

Don’t forget to tell the appropriate companies of your address change.  Local governments, insurance companies, cleaners, gardeners and suppliers are just some of the people who will need to be informed.

And don’t forget to tell all your clients.

Arrange Disconnection/Reconnection

Remember to arrange the disconnection and then re-connections of things such as electricity, telephone, mail services, mobile phones, pagers and fax machines.

Why choose us as your Office Removal Company.

When looking for a man and van hire London company you would be wise to choose us here at Pickdropgo Man & Van. We are a London based removal company but do cover the surrounding areas.

Some reasons to choose us include:

  • We are reliable, friendly and punctual
  • We are always available at short notice
  • We tailor our office removals services to satisfy customers’ needs
  • We invest in new vans and new technology so we can deliver a great service when moving you offices
  • We are committed professional movers with years of experience
  • We always offer competitive office removals rates
  • We are fully insured

Have a party

Once you have moved all that is left is to hold a party.  Having a moving in party and inviting local business owners, current clients and other friends of the business is a great form of PR. Also if your moving to a new area it’s a great way to get to know the locals and ensure that you are welcomed into the community.

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Property prices around ‘Free Schools’ £126,430 more than UK average

Half of the new Free Schools that opened this year are located in London and the South East’s property wealth hotspots, according to new research released this week.

24 new ‘Free Schools’ opened in September this year. Free Schools are funded by the government, but are independent of local authority control, run by teachers and are free to set their own rules over the length of the school day, the curriculum, and how they spend their money. They were a flagship policy for the Conservatives in the run-up to the last general election with the central aim of driving-up standards by encouraging competition and supporting the creation of new schools in the most deprived areas, urging parents and local groups to respond to need.

However, PrimeLocation.com, an online portal for UK based estate agency firms, has found in its latest  research that average property asking prices in the areas around the new Free Schools are £126,430 more (or 57.5%) than the UK average (currently £219,513). Two of the new schools (ARK Conway Primary Academy and St Luke’s Church of England Primary School) are surrounded by property worth over £1,000,000 on average, both of which are in London.

Of the 24 Free Schools, nine are in the capital, nine in the Midlands and the North and two in East Anglia. A further four schools have also opened in the South East of England.

Nigel Lewis, property analyst at PrimeLocation.com, says, “There is strong evidence to show that quality schools eventually drive up house prices within their catchment areas but the Free Schools haven’t been around long enough to have this affect.”

“Instead, it seems many of the Free Schools have been set up in areas which are already affluent and have above-average house prices, particularly in London and the SE.”

The research supports a report in The Guardian earlier this year which revealed that another market analysis firm found that the “ten-minute commuting area around the first wave of Free Schools is disproportionately dominated by middle class households.”

The Free Schools programme, has also been criticised by the teaching unions for benefiting the ‘motivated middle-class’ and redirecting valuable resources away from local schools.

However, in an interview with The Times, to mark the opening of his West London Free School, British journalist Toby Young countered these claims. Mr Young told the newspaper, “It is condescending to assume that a rigorous education appeals only to middle-class parents. The people who are biting my arms off to come here are the people from the local council estates who don’t have anywhere else to send their children.”

Michael Gove, Education Secretary, has also defended the accusations that the majority of these schools are being developed in already affluent areas. His Department for Education has published evidence that the schools are targeting deprivation. Following the opening of the first wave of schools, figures were released showing that of the 24 Free Schools, over half the schools are located in the 30% most deprived communities.

He describes the schools as “engines of social mobility, places where the democratisation of knowledge helps vanquish the accidents of birth”. He goes on to explain that  “By freeing up teachers and trusting local communities to decide what is best our reforms will help to raise standards for children in all schools.”

But, other than London, Primelocation.com has found that Bradford is the only city with two Free Schools, the Rainbow Free School and Bradford Science Academy. These represent the most affordable places for parents looking to send their children to these institutions, with average asking prices at £108,995, a 50.4% discount when compared with the average UK property.

Average house prices around the 24 new state schools

School Region

Average house price

ARK Conway Primary Academy, Hammersmith & Fulham



St Luke’s Church of England Primary School, Camden, north London.



Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School, Mill Hill, London



ARK Atwood Primary Academy, Westminster



West London Free School, Hammersmith, London



Eden Primary, Haringey, North London



Canary Wharf College, Tower Hamlets



Priors Free School, Warwickshire



Stour Valley Community School, Suffolk

East Anglia


Langley Hall Primary Academy, Slough

South East


Aldborough E-ACT Free School, Redbridge



Maharishi School, Lancashire

North West


Sandbach School, Cheshire East

North West


Woodpecker Hall Primary Academy, Edmonton, London



Bristol Free School, Bristol

South West


Discovery New School, West Sussex

South East


All Saints Junior School, Reading

South East


Krishna Avanti Primary School, Leicester



Moorlands School, Luton

South East


The Free School, Norwich

East Anglia


Batley Grammar School, Kirklees



Nishkam Free School, Birmingham



Rainbow Free School, Bradford



Bradford Science Academy



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